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The weanietini is a drink fixed for the smart ass that constantly drinks up all your booze. No matter how ninja like you try to be sneaking the good stuff in the house, you always still get found out. To solve this problem you fix him a weanietini,

Calls for: 2 cans of generic veina sausages

place in coffee filter, or cappuchino maker

proceed to strain into glass

add tequila or any alcholic beverage that

is often bummed.

serve in a fancy glass with a umbrella

Fuck it!! there bums, is it really relevant.
Wahlah!!!! instant go to hell in a glass, fuck you buy your own booze fucker!!!
"yeah, that's my neighbor Johnny son-of-a bitch in the front yard puking his guts out." "I wonder if he liked that weanietini i fixed him."
by mexicanfoodstamp November 14, 2009
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