Quality time spent with someone special.

Meeting up with your friend for some quality chat time.

Time given to someone after taking time out for yourself.
Girl: What should we do this Saturday?
Guy: I think we need some We Time/Let's have some We Time.

Friend: Hey girl, you free for some We Time?

Self: I'm better at We Time when I get some Me Time.
by A15HA August 4, 2022
Something parents say instead of saying "No" just to crush their child's hopes
Son: Mom, can we go to Disney World?
Mom: If we have time..
Mom(Thinking): Hopefully he will forget...
by Tempestatem September 4, 2015
two or more people having a fabulous time engaging in the same behavior, or experiencing the same activity/situation simultaneously. Used mainly as innuendo to sex.
Had a we-whee time on the roller coaster with Johnny.
Had a we-whee time in bed with Susie.
That was a long-lasting we-whee time.
by saturn5 May 16, 2011