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What does being a wbroski mean?

A wbroski is the top of the social food chain. By having connections with wbroskis, you will open up more doors to the future then ever before. A wbroski is the highest rank of friend, therefore allowing more things to be done without worrying about outside judgement. If someone questions you say, "Nah, we're just wbroskis." They'll know. Also wbroski overrule broski in everything, no matter what! All decisions, thoughts, and feelings with bee the wbroskis, not the broskis.

Why the word wbroski?

Why not?


As Wbroskis, we pledge our allegiance to one another. Through the brightest days and the darkest nights, we shall walk together. In sickness and in health, we shall party hard. All Wbroskis are made equal and shall be treated as such.

This is the code of the Wbroskis.


1. No Wbroski shall be denied wbroskiship under any circumstances including race or religion. The only reason for a denial of wbroskiship is over use of butter and/or cake face.

2. If a Wbroski is ever dumped the rest of the wbroskis shall not EVER date the BROSKI.

3. All wbroskis vocabulary shall include -jonah , aduuurrdurr , javid , yo-lawn-duh , shaynanay , amnd wbroski

4. A wbroski shall never let another wbroski into a broskis bed well said wbroski is impaired.

5. All wbroskis must protect other wbroskis from broskis attempts to "get in their pants"

6. A Wbroski should never hook up with another Wbroski's boyfriend. If the accused Wbroski is found out, then the accusing Wbroski has the right of 10 minutes free bitch slapping.

7. A wbroski shall never touch her bra in public.

8. A wbroski shall never be backstabbed by another wbroski

9. A wbroski shall never attend the bathroom without another wbroski.

10. A wbroski shall never bring a broski to a wbroskis night out.

11. A wbroski shall never be afraid to cry, and the other wbroskis must be there for the down wbroski.

12. Waiting periods for broskis should never exceed 15 minutes.

13. If a wbroski views jonah the wbroski shall immediatly text the others.

14. The following should never be done in front of browskis: talking about womanly subjects, acting un-wbroski, and private matters involving present broskis.

15. Wbroskis are allowed to act like broskis, but not in the presence of broskis.

16. You poke it, you own it.

17. No wbroski shall be impregnated before marraige.

18. No wbroski shall ever raise their hand to another person, with the exceptions of play fighting and flirtation.

19. If a Wbroski gets in a fight, all Wbroskis at hand must come to assistance and aid at all costs. The penalty is loss of respect and trust.

20. Any wbroski caught texting a broski during a serious wbroski talk shall be penilised by any way the other wbroskis decide.

21. Wbski's DO NOT say "badboy." Any wbroski held in contmpt will be charged with a slap to face/arm.

22. Anything said during a wbroski sleepover will remain in the wbroski sleepover, and never be repeated until the next wbroski sleepover.


24. Broskis suck. :)
broski: i rule
wbroski: no you suck, i rule
broski: yeah you're right.
by jonahlava May 01, 2009
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