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An annual competition or contest where Wattpad users enter their story in a specific genre. The winners of each genre will win a prize and must be above the age of 13 to enter their book. Winners are picked, judged by the amount of votes you get for your book.
12 year old Wattpad user: Ohmygosh! My fav. romance book on Wattpad is one of the finalist in the Watty Awards! *squeals*

Legitimate author: What's the title of the book?

12 year old Wattpad user: It's so brill, "im an ugly nerd and the super hot popular guy took my virginity and told me he loves me so i became pretty and im taking revenge" I think the book is going to get published!

Legitimate author: *kills herself*
by thepurplezebra December 19, 2013
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