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the greatest sport ever invented by mankind! Basically it started with the ever cool people who like to, while snomobiling in the winters, skip over open water. It evolved into the ever popular sport it is today. Generally you take a snowmobile...put about 5 grand into it...perhaps more, maybe less, take off the seat, and put some rope and a bouy on it, and push the throttle! It started off with just drags. 3 people race at a time, they must stay in their lanes, between the bouys...and first one to pass the finish line wins (same as any other race dumasses!). Theres different heats and as u win, you keep progressing into the semi-finals and finally the final race. Many classes are involved, depending on what size motor ur sled has. Today racers race in drag classes, oval classes (where 3 racers race 3 times around a set of bouys), and the ever-infamous jump class. for more information go to
Cool Guy 1: "dude u goin to the watercross race next weekend??"

Cool Guy 2: "hell yea dude! Lotta racin, lotta drinkin, lotta partyin!"
by heather March 24, 2004
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