worthless shithole from hell with hitchens as saitan the cock sucker!
i think that they should lower price of lunch and not be such a punk bitch!
by halo2 March 7, 2005
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Although I do agree with whatever part of the last definition made sense, I'd like to also add that whoever wrote that must have either been baked out of their mind or just completely retarded. I dont' mind the lack of capitalization or the misspelling, but do you see those funny little symbols on your keyboard? They're called periods and commas. That aside, Washington Academy is festering spawning ground for conformity and reeks of a total abuse of power over students that is only exceeded by the aura of depression that pervades the atmosphere for one mile in every direction.
If Washington Academy, East Machias, lessened its iron grip on the student body maybe definitions like this wouldn't come about.
by Jijibwa March 31, 2009
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A school in the area of Olney Maryland. Not in Washington DC. Don't go here. Its a hellhole.
by knjfojooj September 30, 2020
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