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a wanna-be scenester
normally freshman who hang out with freshman who talk about how cooooooooool My Chemical Romance are and how they ALMOST went to various shows but in reality have never been to one

wear band t-ee's by people they've never heard of

claim gang colors like its going out of style

sit so close to the scene kids at lunch hoping that the preps they like to make fun of think theyre so 'hxc' for hanging out with the 'br00tal' kids

typically are fat/losers/weird or all of the above

some have potential to be bonafide

but when it comes down to the core
its all about
who you hang out with and where you eat lunch
scene kid: oh my god, look at those fucking wannascenes
scene kid number 2: oh my god i know... theyre hella dumb

wannascene: ehhmagawd arnt we soo cool because it looks like we're friends with the hxc people?!
wannascene number 2: ohemefge i knowwwwwwwwwwwwww! :D

aMarie<3 and ChelseaCheer: go fucking die wannascene kidd.
by chelseacheer November 06, 2006
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