If they say their emo and tell eveyone that there "emo", And slit their wrists and show everyone, listen to p!ATD or Fall out boy, If they have nothing to be upset about but still claim them selves as emo(Label are stupid) Write stupid poetry about problems they don't have
Wannabeemo- *sigh* I feel so alone *slit slit*
Emo- Why...
Wannabe-Well I feel alone I am listening to green day I am so emo
Emo-wtf?Alone?green day is not emo....
Wannabeemo-Yes it is!!
emo-No it isn't why do you feel alone?
Wannabeemo-No one understands me
emo- How can no one understand you you live in a nice house with two parents? you don't go though have the stuff that some people do so just stop being a wannabe and shut up for once.....
Emo-*rolls eyes*
by Unknown Poison September 9, 2006
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basically someone that wants to be emo. okay...fair enough if you are actually depressed...but thinking depression is coool. well thats jsut low. one hell of a work of art. but stil not a nice peice ..perhaps..what the fuck am i on about...pah
wannabeemo---ooo watch as *accidently* slip my sleeve up to unveil an "emo" slit.
by bla bla bla bla November 9, 2006
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