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A gay guy who calls himself a bear as an excuse for being grossly fat or obese.
I went to the Den Night at The Laird to see some hairy, muscly bears, but there were too many wannabears there so I left real quick!
by gladboi June 04, 2009
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Wannabear (Juan-A-bair) - A creature that is on the empty street of the Blvd of Broken Dreams. To encounter one you must walk alone a certain blvd, even then you don't find it, the wannabear finds you. Your shadow must be visible beside you and your heart must be beating. A lot of people may never encounter one, but just keep wishing a wannabear will find you and it will happen..

Wanna Bear (Juan-Uh-Burr) - To want a bear
May be mistaken with 'Wanna Bare' or 'Wanna Beer'
"Sometimes I wish a Wannabear will find me, until then, I walk alone!"
- Green Day Blvd of Broken Dreams
by PseudonymWtfLol December 10, 2016
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