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Someone who attracts a lot of attention of mlaes on a certain website, throw pictures
Have you seen that wangthang?
by spiymanking October 19, 2005
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N. based on a girl named Samantha Wang. When people tend to be your older sister, or in other words "jieh" (see jieh-jieh), then you may use this to describe how they are like. The ancient panda philosopher's older sister was actually named Samantha Wang, she is a legend to panda history. In current days, people now use this word when someone is being like an older sister to them. The older sister is the coolest person on earth, cooler than bestfriends, real-family, or even people you may look up to, because evidently, this sister was the coolest and only sister ever. The common thing Wangthangs would do would say "okay, bye." out of random, so be aware for them.
ThatPanda: JIEH!!
ItsSamantha: what di di?
ThatPanda: I LOVE YOU! <3
ItsSamantha: I LOVE YOU TOO DI DI<3
ThatPanda: damn your such a wangthang.
ItsSamantha: yeah, i know.
ItsSamantha: Okay Bye.
by pandaboyx December 28, 2009
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