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An enigma of sorts. This middle aged Caucasian male is a cross between a wangster and a hillbilly. Usually has a song playlist consisting of hip hop and country music. Heavily tattooed, a wangbilly's outfit consists of affliction or metal mulisha shirts, very long white jean shorts, a wallet on a chain, and Air Jordans. The headpiece will either be a straw cowboy hat or a flatbilled Y&R hat facing forward and pulled all the way to the eyebrows. Facial hair is a must for the wangbilly, usually a long unkempt goatee or a full-on neckbeard. The wangbilly will either be seen in a super low, super stanced out earlier model Honda hatchback or a super jacked up pick-up truck. Like I said, an enigma of sorts. If the wangbilly is employed, the place of employment will either be minimum wage or very close to it. While the wangbilly is supported by a minimum wage job, the social life of the wangbilly will lead you to believe that the individual is paid racks on racks on racks when in reality said wangbilly still lives at home with mom and pops.
"Bro! You like Wiz Khalifa AND Carrie Underwood?! You MUST be a WANGBILLY!!!"

by S.olo September 26, 2014
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