v. To indirectly and unintentionally cause grief to others, or to otherwise fuck something up for someone else unintentionally.

n. One who wancy's.
Our partner sure did wancy that experiment for us.

Everything was going smoothly until your friend came and screwed it all up. He's such a wancy.

Fuck, I've been wancy'd.
by Mike G Girard May 2, 2007
(N) a catch all term for the older generation to use when discussing the new technologies that are used by the younger generations, such as Ipads, Facebook and Groupon. Can be used to describe High Tech, or Fancy bling
"These kids today with their fancy wancy jim jams and what not." Spoken by a 78 year old man in Miami Beach, while complaining that the store clerk was updating her Facebook status, while waiting on him
by pigboy02 January 15, 2011
Fancy wancy lemon clancy refers to something fancy in a joking way. This is particularly used in Sydney high schools and is part of the 'lemon' slang branch, which includes phrases like 'sexy sexy lemon pexy' and 'nasty wasty lemon pasty'.
If you were taking the piss out of someone who was posh you would say that their 'fancy wancy lemon clancy'.
by sexysexylemonpexyinventor July 26, 2018
A dark, african boy who is very sexy,athletic, and loving.
by BIG BLack Chocolate May 23, 2017