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A fierce creature of the northern American plains, but migrations of their kind have been spotted in the Golan Heights of Israel. Their species is between 1 to 2 meters in height, they have sharp dog-like canines and are covered with short or long hair depending upon their location. Their colors change with the seasons for better hunting capabilities. They have been also reported to sing a high tonal language in order to face rape their unsuspecting victims. Wamboozies are related to habablares, and ragfagnaglers. A good deterrant of a wamboozie attacks is a handful of rolly-pollies or a bottle of jack daniels (they love liquor) trading the liquor will get you on the fast track to becoming friends. However, very few people have survived an encounter with a wamboozie. For they are very cantankerous! For the full history of the wamboozie migrations and history see the true and unblemished tales of the wamboozie, written by Turd Ferguson
"Oh, my God watch out I smell and hear a wamboozie!" -recorded on a trip in the woods of the Appalachain Mountains of North Carolina witness and sole survivor Paul Maloney
by concerned outdoorsman April 23, 2005
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