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To big something up, either through hyperbole, or literally. Derives from Walt Whitman's use of a) very long lines in his poetry, and b) a very large beard on his face.

Cf. alginsbergification, which is similar in meaning but usually connotes either an imitative approach to waltwhitmification, or a homoerotically charged adaptataion of same.
1) Kevin really needs to waltwhitmify that beard.
2) That chick's boobs are totally waltwhitmified!
3) Al Ginsberg's poems could be seen as derivative vis a vis the waltwhitmification of the line.
4) Dude, don't waltwhitmify that shizzle -- you know it was totally not cool.

NB the passive voice is generally considered acceptable usage, as it aids in conveying the extended lengthiness that waltwhitmification embodies.
by Walt Whitman April 01, 2007
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