Very cool radio DJ's based in Houston, Texas. Can be heard from Dallas to FLA Panhandle. Audience known as 10 %ers, due to only 10 % of the population gets the show! Show consist of John Walton=cool dude, johnson=man of many voices..hehe, Mr. Kennth=gay guy, Mr. O=black dude and last but not least Billy ED= everyones favorite RedNeck!.
YO Dude "walton & Johnson" kick azz in the mornings!
by mikehinla November 19, 2006
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A radio programme by two self-proclaimed eunuchs from Houston; Walton and Johnson are the main performers for the "Walton & Johnson Show". They perform voices for other very original characters, such as a homosexual man and a militant black man. During the show, they frequently discuss politics, mainly to incite the listeners, of which most are middle-class suburban, Whataburger-eating rednecks. Listeners vary though, and can range from frustrated, secretely gay republican students to intolerant racist plumbers, but most are fearful of 'unwelcome, disease-carrying, gun-toting' minorities. Much effort is put into the characters, and, interestingly, all characters voice conservative opinions like the performers, or radical liberal opinions, to further provoke the hillbillies. Loyal listeners call themselves "ten percenters", proud of the fact that they understand the 'brilliant logic' of the show, and that they are able to understand words formed into sentences.
-Curtis, do you listen to the Walton & Johnson show?
-Why, yes, Travis, I do. After all, I am a fat, intolerant, ingnorant, imbecile redneck lump! How could i not?
by C. Duanh September 26, 2007
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