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There are several kinds of walmart victims:
1.) A small town business that is devastated when walmart comes to town. When walmart comes to town, the small family-owned stores are often driven out of business.
2.) Workers that lose their jobs when walmart's pro-china policies force companies to move factories to China to keep costs down. The money grubbing scum now running walmart have a "low prices at any cost" policy that costs America 1000s of jobs every year.

Sam Walton (walmart founder) would be horrified by this pro-china bullshit! Walton used to brag about his pro-America business policies and the jobs they created! My how times have changed!
3.) People who manage to keep their jobs are often forced to accept lower wages with the threat of their company moving to China.
4.) Taxpayers everywhere that have to pay more in state taxes to cover the taxes walmart avoids (see walmart tax)
5.) CD, DVD and even books that are censored for sale at walmart (see walmartized)
Many American workers become walmart victims when their employers are pressured (threatened) by Walmart to move operations to China to "cut costs."

The huge buying power of the walmart empire has the power to ruin a business if it doesn't comply with their demands and their victims are powerless to fight it!
by Charles_U_Farley August 12, 2009
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