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refering to a friend who does something stupidly silly . (Wally=Wanker) & (Gator=stupid person or animal) a wallygator exist and a wallydile is no such thing .
A nicer way of saying to someone your a dickhead is by simply saying your a wallygator which causes less of a comeback .
Wally gator ~ Whats up Skip ? Did Timmy fall down the well again, he is such a ''wallygator ''.
I was walking up the stairs today and tripped ' im such a wallygator
by Aussie lad August 11, 2010
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A show on Hanna Barbera from Cartoon Network. The show features Wally Gator. Who is an alligator, of course. The plot involves Wally who escapes life from the zoo to explore the real world. He runs into various obstacles in each episode, thus trying to avoid the trouble in various ways. However, Wally is not usually seen as a welcoming character to others. People often see him as trouble whenever he is present outside of the zoo. The zookeeper, on the other hand, notices that Wally is already gone by the time each episode starts. Wally intends to go to various locations, such as Red Riding Hood's cottage, An aquarium, or maybe even a public park. At the end of each episode, Wally returns by himself to the zoo. In some cases, somebody will return him there. Mostly, he voluntarily returns.
Wally Gator was a popular cartoon back in the 1960s. We hope this may entertain your children. This should give them morals not to be like him.
by JellyBean600 June 18, 2018
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