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Associated with Facebook. When someone uses your facebook profile wall to communicate with one of your friends while completely ignoring you. Usually possibly when you are the common friend.
Dude, Jeff just sent Felecia a message on my wall. and they were making beach party plans on my wall. I just got walljacked! WTF!

zomg, I just got walljacked by Brendt and John, they're talking through my wall. Talk on your own wall bitches!
by AJ Singh May 08, 2008
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The act of two people 'hijacking' a mutual friend's facebook wall by having a conversation there where the the mutual friend doesn't participate.
(Katie and Steph Walljacked Dave's wall:)

Steph: Oh hi Dave!
Katie: Oh hi Steph, it's Katie!
Steph: Hi Katie! Isn't it fun to write on Dave's wall?
Katie: It sure is, did I tell you Dave likes our picture?
Steph: You did, yes -- so funny!
Katie: So I'll see you in a few weeks?
Steph: Yes, great!
by wombatfan September 29, 2009
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(verb) To hijack someone's Facebook wall, either by repeated postings or by stealing the focus of their post with a comment that is more interesting than the original entry.
Dana really walljacked Katie with that comment about her crazy dream.
by spdcheetah September 21, 2010
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When someone takes a Wall post in a different direction in which you originally intended, therefore "Jacking" your Wall and post.
Dude, I posted a song on my Wall and Josh started talking about his dog and now it has nothing to do with my post, complete Walljack!
by Sultin July 08, 2011
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