A test to determine if a girl is too fat. The wall test is preformed by a girl walking up against a wall, to see what part of her body touches the wall first (breasts or belly). If her breasts touch the wall first, she passes. If her belly touches the wall first, she fails and she needs to do some crunches.
Damn girl, looks like you just failed the wall test. Go do some crunches.
Hey baby, you passed the wall test. You can come chill with me.
by Mike T. of G'ville May 24, 2011
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A method by which to determine whether or not you will fit in with a group of people. If your skin color is darker than the wall of the room you are in, you will not.
Raj failed the wall test. How does anyone with the name "Raj" pass the wall test?
by whitefolkhateme November 5, 2006
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