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the absolute top of the social ladder. wall kids must be attractive unless he/she is a friend of a good looking wall kid. wall kids have the privilege of not having to try hard in school. it is universally accepted that a wall kid will get a football scholarship to any college he wants. all female wall kids are future gold diggers. wall kids generally dont give a flying fuck about anything. the wall is a highly exclusive society. nobody may enter the wall without a wall pass. to get a wall pass, you must be good at sports, a heavy drinker, good at snowboarding, or be a devout born-again christian. no wall pass will be issued to anybody who does not go out and get wasted every weekend and then go to church on sunday and think that god has forgiven them. wall kids are frequent church goers and often post scripture as their facebook status. the wall has many layers to it. at the heart of the wall is the wall royalty. on the outskirts of the wall are the dusty daves. these people are not welcome and get no poon. the front row at all sporting events is reserved for the wall kids. in a nutshell, wall kids are better than you. if you are a normal person, looking a wall kid in the eye is punishable by death.
were you at that party last weekend?

no, im not a wall kid
by one of "the others" December 23, 2010
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Someone at EPHS who is very popular, superficial and consumes mass amounts of alcohol as often as possible.
"Hey Seth are you a wall kid?"

"Yea, I only went to Grant's cabin because he's rich and had 15 shots last night than I skipped soccer to hang out with a girl."
by Not a Wall Kid August 01, 2014
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A wall kid is a male or female high school celebrity that stands by a wall (but in reality it is a railing). They drive jeeps, throw a pigskin a quarter mile, drink enormous amounts of liquor, and have a better life than you. They cannot survive without their friends, they run the school, they do not care about your opinion, and they only wear sports attire. These exclusive people will not move for you in the hallway and have the front row reserved for them at sporting events. You will spot a male wall being sporting mid calf stockings and a "sick flow" hairstyle. A female wall child is a girl that is a future model already planning plastic surgery. In a nutshell you will never be a wall kid, if you think you are a wall kid go take a good long look at yourself in the mirror.
Wall Kid: "Yo bro! How come you don't stand by the wall?"
Normal Kid: "Because I am not a wall kid and I have common sense."

Normal Kid: "Hey, are you a wall kid?"
Wall Kid: *no response*
by Normal High School Student August 28, 2012
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commonly refers to goth kids.
Originates from the Lowndes High School campus where most of the school's goth kids would congregate around a certain wall.
look at that fucking wallkid, its summer why is he wearing that black hoodie?
by fjtj April 18, 2011
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