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A walking simulator is a type of video game which lacks many of the traditional aspects of a game (such as a goal, win/loss conditions, any kind of game system to interact with) despite taking the form of a video game. The phrase implies that there is basically nothing to do in the game other than walking around.
A: I sent you a new game on Steam, check it out.
B: Gone Home? That's not even a game, it's a walking simulator.
by 2CleverUsername December 07, 2014
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A video game genre that originated in DayZ, a Arma 2 mod, where one for the main portion of the game traverses the huge game world without doing much else. The term has since come to define a broader genre of games where the walking is a big part of the experience.
"Dude, have you played DayZ yet? It's maybe the best walking simulator out there!"
by Ghost Tartar April 17, 2014
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