An American deathcore band. But not JUST a deathcore band, but a BR00TAL deathcore band, which generally involves taking the sheer intensity and talent of brutal death metal with the gayness of deathcore to get something much worse than the original 'core genre.

They have annoying vocals, bearable guitars, an annoying snare drum and inaudible bass. Oh and they're not goregrind (this is what scene kids think to be rebellious. This system has a parallel to those of people thinking Slipknot is death metal.)
I get annoying with the scene people at school wearing Bring Me The Horizon shirts, but if Waking the Cadaver becomes popular I swear I will murder them.
by The Aborted Crew March 4, 2009
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A deathcore band from New Jersey. They claim to have invented their own genre called "slamming gore groove", when really all they are is a shitty deathcore band. Their drummer cannot do gravity blasts correctly, their guitar parts are usually just CHUG CHUG and tremolo picking, and their vocalist just flat out sucks. Retarded scene kids call them grindcore; I doubt even the band themselves have heard of Napalm Death or Pig Destroyer. It's bands like Waking the Cadaver that give deathcore a bad name.
Scene kid: d00d, listen to dis br00tal grindcore i just found!!11

Joe Bob: What the fuck is this shit?

Scene kid: itz waking the cadaver!!!! this is some good grindcore!!!!1

Joe Bob: It's isn't grindcore dumbass, it's just shitty deathcore with lyrics about SHREDDED WHEAT.

Scene kid: .....

Joe Bob: That's what I thought.
by GOD DOMMIT FRONK April 11, 2009
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brutal ass nigger: hey, bitch. have you heard of waking the cadaver?

Bitch: noway, that sounds violent. i like nickleback and sellout boy... i mean fallout boy.

brutal ass nigger: well shit, bitch! wanna buy some cocaine?
by mattzula September 25, 2008
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