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stealin some of/chiefin on a cigarette or blunt
"wtf your completley waggin' out on us"
by orangeheadd ya digg September 17, 2008
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Abruptly ditching your friends in a socially awkward manner and refusing to give a reason for your douchey behavior.
Guy #1: "Hey guys, you wanna roll deep and head out in 15?"
Guy #2: "Sounds good man."
Guy #3: "Yeah bro."
Guy #4: "Actually... I have this thing I have to do so probably not."
Guy #2: "Wait, what do you have to do?"
Guy #4: "Uuuhhh, just this thing. I'm not going with you guys though."
Guy #1: "Just forget it bros, he's Waggin Out again."
by NSACAJ November 13, 2011
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