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1. n. The most amazing combination of waffle and taco. This mind blowing object is the most powerful and destructive thing in the universe. The power of the waffletaco can be held deep within oneself.

2. n. An unidentified supposedly edible object that is usually served by a blind person. They can be purchased at The Glorious House of Waffletacos, where all waiters, waitresses, and chefs are blind. (you know they are blind because of their sunglasses and walking sticks.) Except, the blind staff is so amazing, they can use their sense of hearing and know what you're wearing. They like to critique your clothes while you sit there looking at your waffletaco going ""
1. "You can do it, you have the power of the waffletaco in your heart."

2. customer: what is this?
waiter: a waffletaco, what else?
customer: looks like a blob thrown into a deep friar.
waiter: well, hunny, you aint got no place to talk if you're gonna come in here looking like you got dressed in the dark.
customer: ...arent you blind?
by hxcmayownsyourface January 25, 2009
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When engaged in sexual activity, the male pulls out a tennis racquet and smacks the female's vagina with it, causing the vagina to resemble a waffle. A waffle taco is only complete after the male yells "Waffle Taco!!"
Dude, I was totally nailing this girl last night and she was begging me to give her a waffle taco! It's the first time I've used my tennis racquet since I was on the high school team.
by Durrr! March 01, 2009
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A corperation that will never ever exist. And nicole and pete will give up on their dreams. Because it is the grossest thing in the world
-Love skyler
Omg waffletaco will never exist!
by skiller1294 January 25, 2009
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