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home of the woods rats and duck pond dwellers. in the woods rats side of town, you are most likley to find young teens congregating in the woods riding atv's or bicycles its also common to find teens and young adults building treeforts out of scrap wood. the deli is common place for "meeting up" weed is always being smoked, ciggarettes being bummmed, and beer being drank. this side of town is commonly called "the teen streets". in the duck pond dwellers side of town, you will always see cars parked in a parking lot near a pond full of ducks thinking they are cool. they often pop pills, and only leave to migrate to the beach, mcdonalds or hess
im chillin in wading river yo
by teeennnss betchh August 20, 2008
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Wading River is located in Eastern Long Island NY. This town is pretty to visitors but sucks to live in because there is nothing to do. The winter is hell. During the summer you live on the beach and party. You have to drive far to get anywhere that is fun. Wading River is part of the Shoreham-Wading River School District and Wading River is defiantly better then Shoreham. Bagel Buddys is way better then the Bagel Lady and Wading River has "THE" Deli. The youth is spoiled. The school is good but has mad stupid rules and no cafeteria. It is full of mold and the middle school is actually falling down. Whenever students dont get their way their mommys call, complain and fix everything for their little brats. Its full of privileged, ungrateful snobs. Everyone believes their life is the worst ever and cry at night in their mansions. Everyone is pretty preppy besides a few misfits. All the boys basically dress like fagots. You know your a loser and your life will amount to nothing if you work at King Kullen. Lacrosse dominates this town winning states several times in the past few years and supported by All American players. Also we support a pretty sweet track/cross country team. For the kids who dont do sports there are also recreational options such as weed, shrooms and heroin. This town has a lot to offer.... not really
Yo Shoreham-Wading River sucks mad balls
by PeaceOne February 01, 2010
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