a funny guy with the name zack. usually a person who can always make you laugh when you feel like crying. Zacky Wackys are always the antidotes to depressed persons.
Zacky Wacky is so hilarious!!! i love him!
by justineduran January 27, 2009
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One that is affected by cabin fever, i.e., about to go crazy by spending to much time home.
Between my being broke and this long bout of flu, I'm getting totally shack wacky.
by emaletoronto April 08, 2005
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This is a slang term for blow job, made popular by the show The Backyardigans.
I needed some money last night, so I gave this guy a Wacky Tiki behind the bookstore on 5th avenue.

The Mysterious lifeguard offered to show Pablo the penguin and Tyrone the moose how to preform a Wacky Tiki.
by Dade Murphy December 17, 2005
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n. something crazy, weird, out of the ordinary, interesting, wicked cool, strangly awesome

adj. the appropiate discriptive response to a crazy, irregular, nifty cool, etc, action

v. to be crazy, wacky, hillarious, etc
that jackass is wacky mcnacky.
did u see that happen, it was wacky mcnacky
i dont know what was his major malfunction was but he was acting all wacky mcnacky today,
by snail February 10, 2004
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Slang for marijuana. Derived from "wacky tobacco"
If you put the ice cream away in the dishwasher, better stop smokin' the wacky tabacki!
by billphoto May 30, 2009
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