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The further degredation of the English Language deriving from (What up?) Waap is pronounced however the speaker feels, a quick Waap is possible, or a prolonged throat gargling sound can be made, it's your choice.
Yo yo waap ho, are you looking to get slit?
by Clay W February 22, 2006
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waap : expression of joy, happiness, amusement or excitement. usually used in games such as counter strike source. any number of A's can be added to the middle of the word depending on the excitement or joy of the person using it.
example 1:
bloke 1: Dude you just won the lottery

example 2:
Guy 1: Dude u pwned that guy
guy 2: I know, waaaaaaap

example 3:
Dude 1: Dude that guy just fell off that bridge.
Dude 2: Dude i saw, waap
by Black Monk August 16, 2006
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online content management system. Waaps means "Webwork Authoring And Publishing System". See
by bruno villacampa October 16, 2003
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The sound made by the Italians newspaper deliverymen throwing the heavy newspapers to the ground
When Tony throws his newspapers to the ground they make the loudest Waap sound out of all the Waaps
by Against it June 16, 2018
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