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Evil Server Administrator on EFnet supporting two continents.
<luser> I need help with a room
<luser> does that mean you won't help me?
* Quits: luser ( (Killed (vx0 (I SAID DIE!)))
by FluffyBunniez January 08, 2008
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Bad-assed gangster that admins servers on the IRC network, EFNET. He has a large E-Penis and doesn't mind flaunting it to the lusers and other lesser lifeforms. vx0 has a totally balls-out warped sense of humor that occasionally leaves people on the curb. Possibly one of only three or four admins and opers on EFNET that isn't metrosexual or gay.
That vx0 has a fine ass! I bet all the opers are wanting some!
by bunnypumper November 29, 2007
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