The spacecraft that was launched on September 5th, 1977 to tour the giant, outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune) Of our solar system. It flew by Jupiter on 1979 and took spectacular photos and videos of Jupiter’s moons and the the planet itself. It took tantalizing photographs of the Geart Red Spot And Io, When Voyager 1 discovered active volcanoes on the surface of Io. These were the first observation of live volcanoes besides Earth and Venus. Next up and the last planet of it’s odyssey of the solar system, It flew by Saturn on 1980. There, it studied the amazing rings and many moons of Saturn. However, the team controlling Voyager 1 wanted to study Titan, the largest moon of Saturn and second only to Ganymede for largest moon in the solar system. But this maneuver to Titan would have to take Voyager 1 out of the orbital plane of the solar system and that would mean that Saturn would be the last planet that Voyager 1 would study. But, the decision was set. Voyager 1 would go to Titan. When Voyager got to Titan the thick haze of it’s atmosphere blocked Voyager from looking at the surface. Then, the lonely spacecraft continued into deep space. It passed the termination shock on 2004. Then, it was the first human made object to go in to interstellar space on 2012. The engineers working on Voyager know that it would go in to Interstellar Space and eventually other solar systems. So, the Golden Record was made to explain Earth and the human race.
Voyager 1 passed into interstellar space in 2012.
by Proxima Centauri December 01, 2017
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