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1)I wouldnt touch that sluts boobs if a three foot pole was put in my mouth.
2)to attain a piggy back ride from an type 2 diabetic grandma that says "you make my yogurt curdle fast." every time you make a mile.
3)a style of dance that requires knee bending, an excited face, and flatulence.
4)Fuck off
5)Al Sharpton dripping wet.
1) Dude I didn't "vooptain ". But i did jack off to my gravy last night
2)I went to visit cheryll's grandma last night. I "vooptain" that ho. Then we had some desert.
3)The clubs always smell after we do the "vooptain". Thus the extinction of clubbing.
4)Ben- "Would you rather be have sex with a dead body or a retard?"
Ben - "Vooptain"
5)I wanna see you eat a "vooptain".
by Bad Attitude August 28, 2008
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