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young people, early twenties, fresh out of college, who choose willingly not to seek employment and will often live at the parental residence for a period of time ranging from 6 months to a year.

The voluntary bum partakes in virtually no social activity, ignoring calls from friends and/or extended family, dismissing invitations to social events, etc. The voluntary bums involve themselves in the simpler joys, such as, sleeping, eating, reading the books they never had the time to read, watching the movies they couldn't go to, etc. On the surface, the voluntary bum seems to act exactly like your average bum.

However, unlike regular bums, The voluntary bums are merely resting from the bullshit they had to endure while in the educational system. i.e. pretty much their whole life until now.

While seemingly lounging about with no goal in life, the voluntary bum is actually slowly mustering a plan of action, which once he/she has fully figured out, will be used to go forth in adult life, serene.
A: hey man have you seen D around? he's been MIA for the past couple months.
B: Oh yeah, I heard he had become a voluntary bum. He'll probably come out of his retreat in a few months.
C: darn, D is a cool frood with a plan. I wish I had voluntarily bummed after college.
by Ketwaroo D. Yaasir November 04, 2007
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