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When you and someone else watch a movie together without physically being together. All you need is a laptop, and/or tablet, a phone, and a friend with the same materials. Once you have the materials just find a movie on the device you both like then call each other on the phone and watch simultaneously. Feel free to talk and comment on the movie via cell :)
"Man i wish we could go see a movie"
well why don't we just have a virtual date?
"sure ill get my computer and pull up Netflix".
by JODAGOAT September 21, 2017
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When two people decide to watch a movie or a tv show at the same time, while instant messaging. Usually requires a countdown to start so that both parties are watching the video at the exact same time and therefore comment on it as if they actually were together.
Person: "What did you do last night?"
Me: "My girlfriend couldn't go out, so her and I virtual dated to the new episode of How I met Your Mother."
by bolossunited September 06, 2009
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Instead of physical dating and sex, you make date at online MMO games and go on killing spree. This often gives gender identity problem people explore before coming out of closet.
Mike and Marry had virtual date and went into killing spree on MMO game.
by real7777 September 25, 2017
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