An uncommon but entirely efficient and fun way to say "vagina." Somewhat dissimilar to the word cunt, is used most often by members of the female sex who are completely opposed to the idea of allowing a male anywhere near their cunt/"vagina".
Kyle: Hey baby, I'm gonna come over in nothing but a construction belt and bang the balls off of you. That is if you had balls. I hope you don't. Don't worry we'll just be lovers tonight and friends tomorrow.

Girl: I don't know who the hell you think you are you fucking pervert. But I guarantee you that I will never allow you or your firehose anywhere near my stank VI JAY JAY
by cookcountykilla June 23, 2007
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An ignorant term invented by future president and yo-yo dieter Oprah Winfrey. Instead of saying "vagina," Oprah would use the term "vijayjay." This was meant to be cute but in reality it was just stupid and degrading.
"Oprah is a fat asshole who calls vaginas "vijayjays."

12 year old ghetto girl: "Mista would you like to poke my vijayjay? Fiddy dollahs."
by fhkq October 21, 2018
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