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Verneice is a really sexy person.Shes the one to light up your day and a room no matter what.You need a verneice.She will always be there for you no matter how hard things get.Verneice is unbelievable kind with a little anger issues but mostly the most caring perosn you'll ever meet.If u have a Verneice u should keep her.She is the perfect girlfriend don't lose a Verneice unless u wanna be sad .She can get to carried away with a lot of jealousy but shows the love she has for her man/women.Even if u find a girl always assume Verneice is the name.She an angel and a miracle we all have been waiting for.Verneice had an amazing body .
"Yo,Verneice beat this girl ass for trying to take Jason away from her".Ayo I told y'all she mad jealous for nun that's how she is that's why I love her .
by baddie~vm August 05, 2017
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