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"Vbdhwizk" is the username of account on Neopets, owned by a person strictly nicknamed Dragon.
The majority of her popularity comes from her fellow members at the Pokemon Tower Guild (called "PT" by most members). The guild was founded I do believe in 2004. The guild has been most popular in 2007, probably. In 2008 it was shut down for about a month for Dragon to renovate it.
Dragon's best talents include spriting, HTML, Role-Playing, and just making people happy occasionally.
She started liking Pokemon I think 4 years ago, despite the fact that it's been around for almost 11 years.
Dragon can be really funny sometimes :)
If anyone reads this, they're prolly a "guildie"... But it's doubtful anyone there uses Urban Dictionary :P
"Vbdhwizk is the leader of PT. She must get a two-hundred NeoMails a day o_O"

"Vbdhwizk? Isn't that the person in charge of one of those Pokemon guilds?"

"i @$k3d vbdhwizk f0r n30p01nt$ @nd 1t3m$ but sh3 m@d3 fun 0f m3!!!1!!1"

"I love Dragon, without her there'd be no PT"
by (Unknown)... August 26, 2008
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