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Vatalo is the most notorious street crew i the chicagoland underground scene. They are easy to spot by the handsomeness of their looks and cool clothing. Girls that associate themselves with the V's are referred to Vatahoes. Every guy wants to be a vatalo and every girl a vatahoe. They can usually be found at parties fucking shit up with switchblades and brass knuckles, or in too busyy's garage playing pong and eating gourmet sandwiches made by too's parents. The V's do not take shit from anyone and will even hit girls in the name of the "V". You can catch these teenage bandits riding through the streets of chicago on fixed-gear bikes,or beating up old ladies for their change purses so they can go and buy loosey's. The V's love pussy,weed, and liquor in excess. Other drugs they like are Crack-cocaine,promethazine,any form of mdma(preferably moon-rocks), crystal meth,lsd,brown-brown(heroin and cocaine),heroine,big titties and crack. They are not afraid of showing their immense pride by throwing up the "V".
larry guy: "yo dude the V's are here im going to go see if they remembered my name"!

Vatalo: "Sup Faggot"

larry guy: "fuck yeah they remembered!"

hot ass girl: "yo their goes the V's becky come on lets go blow them"
by supreme loud mouth October 26, 2011
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