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A vaskyboy is derived from vasky.. which means serious and complacent in the greek mythological dictionary, and kyboy.. which means.. has a lot of ki in japanese...

Vaskyboys are sexy and have nice, belted, assess. They prefer to wear cotton underwear and sometimes they will incline towards male-relationships

Some vaskyboys are considered very serious, but once you get to know the vaskyboys you realize they are aggressive in bed and can sometimes make you feel impotent.

Recommndations: Treat them as you would treat a hungry manatee... invite them to classy and fancy restaurants, tehy will surely respond with hugs and hair...
Guy 1: OMG look at the vaskyboy
Guy 2: Yeah hes sooo hot and amazing, look at his delicious butt
Guy 1:I have to have him as my own
Guy 2:Lets Attack!!! MEAAWWWW

Girl 1: Today is vaskyboyday night... yesss
by Kamastron April 09, 2010
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