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Varsegio - Metaphorical Noun

A varsegio is a guy you know who's never up to any good but is there when you need support even if he's in trouble.

Varsegio - Metaphorical Noun

1) A brotha who backs you even when his chips are down.

"Brooo I was stressin' out about my exam yesterday and my buddy John called me and cheered me the hell up while he was getting evicted."

"Duuuuude! Whatta varsegio!"

2) A guy you know who has a slight tendency to run away after one too many drinks.

"Man...has anyone see John??"

"Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiieet...I think he varsegio'd off again!"


3) The one guy in your crew who always coins new words or makes coined words/phrases mainstream.

"Yo wiggie! That hair cut is so gucci!"

"John, no one says wiggie and gucci. Quit being a varsegio."

"Alright wiggie."

4) Your friend who's a huge Kobe Bryant fan and takes turn around jump shots at the right elbow of the paint all day during rec pick up games and is not too bad actually so he's like 70%-80% from the field most of the time so you can't call him a ball hog.

"Yoooooooooo why you takin' that shot dawg, you was double teamed!?

"Bro. I got one word for you. Varsegio."

"Go home bro, you're drunk."
Tony - "Brooo I had an exam yesterday and I was stressin' but then John called and cheered me up."

Henry - "Aww sounds like a nice guy."

Tony - "Turns out it was the one call he was allowed from prison lol."

Henry - "Woooooooow duuude! Whatta varsegio!"
by Papita FC December 13, 2014
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