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Dreaded; lose of taste; related to heated air at temperatures not normally receptive in the mouth.

Oven temperatures (ex. G PRO VAPORIZER HEAT SETTINGS - variable temp control with a LED indicator – Red = 320° F, Green = 380° F, and Blue = 420° F) burns the taste buds' ability to taste.

VT or VF (VAPERS TONGUE) (VAPERS FATIGUE) ends in resulting in cool air feelings and in sensation on the tongue using the vaporizer immediately. Then afterwards the numbing sensation begins to dwindle your taste in foods and drinks.
I guess I'm getting vapers tongue (VT) cuz I just had a quarter pound cheeseburger from Mickey D's and I couldn't totally taste the greatness! Wtf is happening!?
by No one known September 14, 2016
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