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A website that is supposedly designed to make fun of myspace and its (myspace) users. The site has the same layout as myspace (which is part of the parody) with comical additions. However, vainspace is most likely--if it is not already--going to become another online hangout for scenesters and poseurs alike.
Eric, the once-goth-now-an-emo kid, has a vainspace. Hey everyone, let's all get a vainspace too!
by ss06 April 05, 2006
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Merely a second version of the ever popular "Myspace". Pointless. Things found on Vainspace include enormous amounts of scene hair and band tees, as well as a vast variety of "hardcore" bands. We laugh at all of you.
Scene Kid 1: Dude, you're my friend on Myspace, right?!
Scene Kid 2: Yeah, man, but you didn't add me on Vainspace. I can't 2 step with you at shows anymore now!
by youremyboyblue June 19, 2006
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