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A way to say Vagina when you are trying to be polite about it.
"Yeah, My girlfriend went to the Doctor. She was having Vah Jay Jay Problems..."
by Immortal-Jake May 03, 2006
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It's another word for a girls vagina lol,
also a better word and it's quite hilarious
omg you just kneed me in my vahjayjay.
Look it's firecrotch's vahjayjay, it's firey, lol.
The Vahjayjay - A Fiery Pit of Birth and Sex(EWWWW)
by Sara Walden February 15, 2008
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Another slang word for vagina (the female genitalia). Used in the show "Drawn Together" on comedy central by the charater Foxy Brown.
Person 1: "Man, Something smells like fish. Where is it coming from?"
Person 2: "Oh it's not fish,Kelly's Vah jayjay is stankin!"
by AsianValentine May 01, 2006
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