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A term sometimes used in prison, or any situation involving involuntary butt sex. It can also be used when describing the corn hole of a friend, relative, girlfriend, neighbor, dog.
ex. 1
man 1- So how did you get in prison?
man 2- Shut up n' bend ova now..I'mma make a vaginabutt outta you...good sir.
man 1- AAAHHHH!

ex. 2
man 1- So, how was Cindy in bed?
man 2- Hot balls bro, the only thing is..her vagina and her butt looked similar. I couldn't tell the difference so..I just chose one and..well the rest is history.
man 1- We here in Kentucky call that a vaginabutt.
man 2- I shall refer to it as such, from now on.
by Krankenstineburg March 10, 2010
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