1. slang for the vagina
2. a favorite possession
3. the "straw that broke the camel's back"
4. to one's surprise
5. the place where one stores pickles
6. a playful insult
1. I want to stick it in her vaghole.
2. don't take that man, that's my vaghole.
3. No way she slapped me; that's the vaghole.
4. Your a man! Holy Vag-hole!
5. No wonder they went bad, no one closed the vag-hole.
6. What I said to the Mrs. Carter. "BOOM! in your vaghole."
by Thomas, Freddy and Lucious December 19, 2004
A vagina in an asshole
“Dude did you hear Brendon has a Vaghole?”
by Ryan.ross. May 13, 2018