When a guy has inane, extended phone conversations with his girl instead of hanging out with the fellas.
Gregg: Yo, where's Luke, I thought we were getting shitfaced together.
Doug: Not gonna happen man. He's busy vagging out in his room.
by Doug E. Fresh Barcelona November 14, 2007
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The act of having a nervous attack over a small event; freaking out to the point where everyone thinks you're a pansy.
When he saw the spider in his room, he totally vagged out and asked his girlfriend to kill it.

Dude, she totally didn't mean to defriend you on Myspace; quit vagging out.
by Quiet Riot October 20, 2006
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To excrete an extremely large amount vaginal fluid out of the vagina with large force. Particularly a reddish/brown stain. Smells particularly pungent, putrid, and downright wharfy. Preferably at FYE.
Dude, I think AG is about to vag out!
Looks like someone V-Oed!
Christ, looks like your V-ing O!
Who the hell Vaged Out?
Don't get near the V-O!

by Crippy McJim January 25, 2006
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1. to renege on one's manhood
2. to act as if one has a vagina
A. Mark is going to apologize to Katie for talking to another girl.
B. Yeah man, he's about to vag out hardcore.
by Mike and Derek Love Mark April 3, 2008
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Vag-out- Verb, pronounced 'vaj-out'.To vag out, Vaging out.

Vag-ing out refers specifically to a social scenario where a group of women congregate together to 'bond' in feminine agreement.

Women vag-out when they are in vaginal synchronicity, Vaginal synchronicity occurs once the group of women (two or more)find a common topic they can agree on and get unnecessarily exited about (shopping, boys & backstabbing).

Women in the group generally change the topic until they can all harmoniously agree on a topic and thus causing collated vag-harmony otherwise known as vag-peak.

Vag peak can be heard from a distance as the pitch and tone of elated conversation climaxes and often involves involuntary over animated autistic clapping of hands and over exited squeals of vaginal delight.

Women often Vag-out after watching a romance movie, sex and the city or shopping together.

men should be warned- Vaging out can get ugly, and should avoid Vag-ing out like it was the plague. Men should never vag-out even if they are gay and should avoid areas where women vag-out. it should be noted that the male version 'Wang-out' is not dis-similar but should not be confused or imitated.

See example below at below link:

Vern: To vag out, Vaging out.


"Claire and Catherine were vaging-out hardcore in the cinema Foyer after watching the Sex and the City movie"

Extreme Vag-out will usually be seen at hens days. In these scenarios the tone of voice often lifts to very high pitches which are usually painful to be around.

by Warren Roberts January 14, 2009
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"To vag out" is a very interesting verb, it can mean anything. Its meaning depends on the context of the sentence. I usually use it when i'm doing nothing at all, or particularly bored. But, you can use it however you like, go wild.

Scholars maintain that the real definition of "Vaging out" was lost decades ago..... =)
Tom: "So what you been up to man?"
Dan: "Just vaging out in my garden man, as usual."

Mike: "Ok, so we can hangout at my pad for a while..."
Dan: "Yeh, lets Vag out!!!"

Josh: "Is Dan coming?"
Tom: "Nah, hes vaging out"

Dan: "Why didn't you mention me?"
Jo: "Look, I told you i'm sorry. I'm Vaging out"
by Dan Choni May 9, 2008
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A term used to describe girls who want to "bro out", basically kick it with the dimes(girls). Sit back and play some disney scene it or sit in the big dipper parking lot. Maybe on occasion dress up as the spice girls and take myspace pictures.
Kelsea: hey grace im bored ready to hang out?

Grace: why hang out when we can vag out?

Kelsea: why grace that is a positive idea

Emily: yeahhhhh lets vag
by gabbbryell June 13, 2008
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