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1. The female form of the noun cock block.

2. Also a verb with the same meaning as cock block
Ashley: Hey, let us use your bed.
Amanda: No, I'm studying.
Ashley: Come on, don't be a vag block.
by Amanda March 08, 2005
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Vagblocking (v.)

The act that is done when a girl is flirting with a boy and another girl comes over and interrupts the conversation, trying to keep them from talking/flirting (for the simple fact that she is jealous.)
Alex and Amanda are talking and flirting with one another at a party when Jenny approaches the conversation.
Jenny: Hey what's going on over here?
Amanda: Don't vagblock me!
by Alittlehammie November 14, 2010
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1. The act of any person preventing a female from engaging in any type of sexual act. Synonymous with cockblock, only with a female.
"Did you hear about Stacy, she totally vagblocked me last night when I was trying to hook up with that guy!"

"What a bitch!"
by ThatSexyShyGirl August 16, 2011
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