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The sound a drunk, mentally challenged 45 year old makes when they are throwing punches in the air. Va-Douche can also be used as a noun, or an adjective
"Glen, stop punching the air, you are such a Va-Douche!"
by blablablabla_bla May 12, 2010
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same as douche bag but the term is used to describe a female douche.
a douche bag (guys) vadouche (girls)

someone who:

Thinks they are cool and are not.
Thinks they are the hottest person in the world.
Finds any excuse to expose themselves to show how hot they think they are.
Wears sunglasses that are way too big or aviator glasses.
Drives a vehicle that makes no sense (I.E. 15' lifted truck).
Who asks every girl if they twitter as a pickup line.
Flips their collar up because they think they are cool.
Wears their hat BARELY on top of their head sideways for no reason other then to look cool.
Keeps the original label/sticker on their hat/clothing.
Has spinners on their vehicle...they are way out now.
Drives without a shirt on.
Wears girl pants when they are clearly cutting off the circulation of the penis.
Stacks as many empty beer cans/bottles as they can to show how much alcohol they can drink.
makes sure to use their cell phone at night so that the light shining from it illuminates their face.
by Clark W Grizz July 07, 2009
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