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The long awaited, ultra-cool term to once and for all end the strife between hardcore zombie fanatics over the common misconception of zombies in our popular culture. vZombies are virally infected humans know for their hyper-adrenal state which manifests itself in super human strength, speed, and endurance. vZombies are not to be confused with traditional Zombies, the Undead, who's strength lies in it's numbers. Zombies must be shot in the head to be "killed".
Dude 1: Dude! What did you think about "Zombieland"?

Dude 2: It totally rocked! Woody Harrelson was a total badass, but I had to turn of my bitch meter.

Dude 3: Bitch meter?

Dude 2: Yeah, because technically they weren't zombies...they were people infected with a virus.

Dude 1: You mean they were the infected?

Dude 3: No, infected is too lame. We need to come up with a much more kick ass term.

Dude 2: What about vZombies? Like viral zombies?

Dude 1 and 3 (in unison): Yeah, vZombies!!!
by vZombieKiller October 05, 2009
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