The solution to all of the worlds problems, besides fuel economy. Traditionally used American Muscle cars. (The best cars in the world) Known for being really powerful, heavy, torque-y, and fast.

Often seen destroying rice burners' wimpy 4 cylinders and V6's.

Rice burner: My Honda Civic Type R-S 4/5 Twin V-TEC J.AP is gonna own anything. It runs 17 second quarter miles!

Hot Rodder: My 454 V8 Big Block has 700 HP and runs 9 second quarter miles.
V8 V8 Engine Power Speed torque 454 427 350 Big block Small block
by BigMac33 January 5, 2014
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The most embarassing insult you could ever give to a car enthusiast. Usually said back to the person to embarass them.
TW - uh yeah, V8 engine
Luke - 'uh, yeah V8 engine' to you too
*TW walks away embarassed*
by TW36Q January 23, 2009
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