The University of Western Ontario (UWO) is largely made up of intelligent and attractive academics, and as such, is the target of jealous ranting from those who are not so well endowed. These spastic complainers often attend other schools in Ontario and were either not accepted to UWO, or chose not to apply as they would stand out as slavering ghouls on the UWO campus.
UWO applicant: Have you submitted your application to UWO yet?

Other Ontario University applicant: insert spazzy whining here
by Wayne2001 November 03, 2010
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The University of Western Ontario, which is home to the largest population of the dumbest university students to ever walk Earth. Some suspect that former US president George W Bush actually graduated from UWO and not Yale.
1. Boys and girls, today we're going to learn about mental disabilities. We will take a field trip to UWO.

2. The students at UW pity the mentally challenged at UWO.
by Mitur B July 31, 2009
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prnounced.. 'you-woss'

it stands for ... Useless waste of space

its an affectionate term for someone who is a bit useless in a joking way,
Hannah drops a book,
her friend says:
"oh Hannah, UWOS! "
by hans-shaws October 14, 2009
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