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Utzz is a term made popular from the handball player rookie who generally exclaims the term when he hits the ball. Some handball players have taken it to the next level and say utzz for almost anything. But it is usually used as a "got you" term. You will pretty much only hear this term in NYC especially on handball courts. It may be spreading to other areas such as Florida where they also pay big blue handball.
Yo dude I was getting mad girls' numbers at every club I hit up, it was like utzz, utzz, utzz.
While playing Marvel vs. Capcom 2 I got caught in an air combo and my opponent exclaimed, "utzz!, utzz! utzz! utzz! utzz, utzz, for each hit"
"UTZZZZZ! cried the man as he ejaculated a huge load on to her face.
The girl was so frustrated that her boyfriend never made her cum, that she screamed UTZZ! and punched him in the balls.
by bubblebuttsquirrel August 24, 2010
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